Optimize images for SEO in wordpress

Optimize images for SEO in wordpress

“A picture is worth a thousand words” . Images, when added with a certain consideration, will help understand your article a lot, images can also play an important role in conversion!
Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches every day
search engine optimization (SEO), a strategy that helps businesses rise to the top of search rankings for queries related to their business, products or services.
There are three types of text that the search engine spiders “see” when they look at your images:

  • Image Alt tags: accessible (by means of programs which dictate text) also to web users who are vision impaired.
  • Image file name: this is the actual name of your image file.
  • Image captions: the text which is found directly beside, over, or underneath your images.

Optimizing each of these types of text enhances the SEO of your site and assists you in further communicating your site’s theme to the search engines.


to fill in these information in wordpress :

while you add a new post click on add media button , upload your new image then fill in the information at the right panel of your screen.

Remember :

  • Use smaller images and provide the option for a larger image view with a pop up screen will make your site load faster.
  • Compress images , Optimize images to 70k or less when possible
  • Make sure images are clear and crisp for viewing
  • Only use images on your site that are directly related to your theme or topic.